Fact and Fiction

An Illustration student exploring a group of workers around Edinburgh

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Final Fact Booklet

My finished zine follows very closely to my original plan.

I originally planned the style for my final illustration would include my original sketches from my visit to Whitmuir Farm. So I collaged my existing illustrations with new drawings and textures. I even tried collaging in some photographic objects.

I found this process really fun as it was very tactile and there was an element of surprise in how the illustrations turned.¬†However when compiled the together to create the long, panoramic concertina, they were less effective as they didn’t flow very well.final fact booklet- front


So instead I went back to good old drawing and redrew the concertina as one drawing. This gave me the flowing story that I couldn’t recreate on photoshop… my digital skills are slowly growing!COMPLETED FRONT FACT

For the back of the book I painted a pattern of the farm fields typical of the borders countryside. I also included facts about Whitmuir so that in theory the booklet would be sold/ provided as a little artistic factual booklet.COMPLETED BACK FACT

I added colour and texture to the final illustrations to create an interesting little book.

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My Whitmuir Booklet

For my factual response to Whitmuir the Organic Place I wanted to create a concertina booklet that illustrated some of Whitmuirs most successful attributes. I wanted to use the actual drawings I made on site at the farm to keep the energy and feeling of the reportage illustration.

Here is a mock up of the layout:

booklet try

I want the concertina booklet to create a layered landscape when folded up.