Fact and Fiction

An Illustration student exploring a group of workers around Edinburgh

An Uncertain Start

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With street sellers as my group of workers I set off to the Royal Mile for some location drawing. The weather was fortunately with me and I had a beautiful afternoon to sketch in. I wondered to the Royal Mile with my ink and a scarily new sketchbook handy. Spotting the first stalls I settled down on St Giles step and began sketching.stalls1

I drew the stalls and tried to include the people perusing and their surroundings. I chose to work in ink and my dip pen to achieve varying thickness of lines and to quickly capture the atmosphere of the Mile. It is funny how many people’s attention one attracts when drawing in the street; tourists stopping to look, others seeming awkwardly unimpressed and the promised few who keep peering back and forth from your drawing to the scene you are sketching. An artist from across the street wondered over and had a chat with me. He was very friendly and encouraging although I could not understand what he was saying half of the time.

treestallI then moved further down, conveniently right beside a Starbucks. I spent another hour or so drawing the stalls and people watching. I always notice how wrapped up the stall owners are, never underestimating the cold! The stalls were not that busy considering the constant flow of people passing by. Everyone seemed to be going somewhere and didn’t have time to browse the stalls.

stallsellerAfter the session of drawing the stalls on the Royal Mile I felt a bit unfocused and lost in terms of my choice of subject, as it is so broad. Perhaps I will focus on one stall or one type of stall, eg. a Jewellery stall. Whatever I chose I want it to be something I am really interested in and excited to research. But not to panic… nothing a good old tutorial can’t sort!

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