Fact and Fiction

An Illustration student exploring a group of workers around Edinburgh

A Sensitive Nose

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When given the project of researching a group of workers in Edinburgh my initial idea was to document charity shops. Being a well accustomed charity-shop-goer I knew I could find some interesting bits and bobs along with interesting people there. However after a little trip to a particular second hand shop (where I would be sitting for periods of time drawing), I came to the realisation that I could not sit there stationary with the awful smell of body odour and fabric softener. So back to the drawing board…

After some more deliberation and throwing ideas around I decided I would document and observe the work and routine of Street Stall Owners. The idea of working in the fresh air sealed the deal! This could range from merchandise sellers, performers, food sellers, artists and many more jobs. I am really looking forward to talking to the sellers and gathering as much visual and verbal information as I can. What also appealed to me about this subject is the chance to get to draw the stalls in their surroundings.

The subject of stall owners is quite broad so gives many opportunities for exploration and the possibility of focusing on one seller after some research. A good way of finding what I am interested in is visiting markets; I am especially keen to look into the Farmers Markets.

I think a good place to start will be the Royal Mile as there are always a few stalls there, many of which I am familiar with and cannot go past without buying something! So by the end of the project I may be broke but I will at least still have a sense of smell!

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